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Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  MPAA Release Date   
 Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD DVD 7.1 PG-13 9/30/14 Rent
 Godzilla DVD DVD 7.5 PG-13 9/16/14 Rent
 Earth to Echo DVD DVD 5.0 PG 10/21/14 Rent
 Hercules DVD DVD PG-13 11/4/14 Rent
 Guardians of the Galaxy DVD DVD PG-13 12/9/14 Rent
 Brick Mansions DVD DVD 5.9 PG-13 9/9/14 Rent
 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DVD DVD 7.8 PG-13 8/19/14 Rent
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD DVD PG-13 12/16/14 Rent
 Need for Speed DVD DVD 7.4 PG-13 8/5/14 Rent
 Noah DVD DVD 5.3 PG-13 7/29/14 Rent
 Into the Storm DVD DVD PG-13 11/18/14 Rent
 The Expendables 3 DVD DVD PG-13 11/25/14 Rent
 Lucy DVD DVD R 1/13/15 Rent
 Thor: The Dark World DVD DVD 8.2 PG-13 3/25/14 Rent
 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For DVD DVD R 11/18/14 Rent
 RoboCop (2014) DVD DVD 6.8 PG-13 6/3/14 Rent
 Non-Stop DVD DVD 7.4 PG-13 6/10/14 Rent
 The Equalizer DVD DVD R TBD Rent
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