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Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 Doom PS4 PS4 RP TBD Rent
 Battlefield 4 PS4 PS4 7.6 M 11/13/13 Rent
 DriveClub PS4 PS4 E 10/7/14 Rent
 Tom Clancy's The Division PS4 PS4 RP TBD Rent
 MLB 14: The Show PS4 PS4 8.0 E 5/6/14 Rent
 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4 PS4 6.0 M 3/17/14 Rent
 Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 PS4 6.4 M 11/4/13 Rent
 Warriors: Orochi 3 Ultimate PS4 PS4 6.4 T 9/2/14 Rent
 Dead Island 2 PS4 PS4 RP 12/31/15 Rent
 WWE 2K15 PS4 PS4 T 11/18/14 Rent
 Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 PS4 RP 2/24/15 Rent
 Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 PS4 6.3 M 11/13/13 Rent
 Little Big Planet 3 PS4 PS4 RP 11/18/14 Rent
 The Crew PS4 PS4 T 11/11/14 Rent
 Battlefield: Hardline PS4 PS4 RP 3/31/15 Rent
 Evolve PS4 PS4 RP 2/10/15 Rent
 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 PS4 RP 12/31/14 Rent
 Dying Light PS4 PS4 RP 1/27/15 Rent