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Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 Centipede: Infestation 3DS 3DS 5.0 E10+ 10/25/11 Rent
 Puzzler Mind Gym 3D 3DS 3DS 3.5 E 9/12/11 Rent
 Spongebob Squigglepants 3D 3DS 3DS 6.0 E 5/17/11 Rent
 LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS 3DS 7.0 E10+ 3/26/11 Rent
 Dream Trigger 3D 3DS 3DS 3.9 E 5/9/11 Rent
 Pac-Man Party 3D 3DS 3DS 5.5 E 11/8/11 Rent
 Rise of the Guardians 3DS 3DS 4.6 E10+ 11/20/12 Rent
 Cubic Ninja 3DS 3DS 5.3 E 6/13/11 Rent
 Paws & Claws Pampered Pets Resort 3D 3DS 3DS 5.0 E 3/22/12 Rent
 Let's Ride: Best in Breed 3DS 3DS 5.0 E 3/22/12 Rent
 Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection 3DS 3DS 6.1 E10+ 9/24/11 Rent
 Purr Pals: Purrfection 3DS 3DS 5.1 E 5/25/12 Rent
 The Hidden 3DS 3DS 2.4 E10+ 11/3/11 Rent
 Rabbids Rumble 3DS 3DS 6.4 E10+ 11/12/12 Rent
 Pet Zombies 3DS 3DS 5.3 T 10/19/11 Rent
 Crash City Mayhem 3DS 3DS 4.3 T 7/8/13 Rent
 The Adventures of Tintin: The Game 3DS 3DS 5.3 E10+ 12/5/11 Rent
 Deca Sports Extreme 3DS 3DS 5.6 E 9/22/11 Rent