Wii Action Adventure

Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 Spy Games: Elevator Mission Wii Wii 2.4 T 11/8/07 Rent
 TMNT Wii Wii 6.0 E10+ 3/19/07 Rent
 Army Rescue Wii Wii 2.9 E 10/24/09 Rent
 CID the Dummy Wii Wii 3.5 E10+ 7/14/09 Rent
 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Wii Wii 6.8 E10+ 6/29/09 Rent
 Battle Rage: Mech Conflict Wii Wii 2.5 E10+ 2/25/09 Rent
 Batman: The Brave and the Bold Wii Wii 6.9 E10+ 9/4/10 Rent
 Thor: God of Thunder Wii Wii 6.1 T 5/2/11 Rent
 Pirate's: Hunt for Blackbeard's Booty Wii Wii 3.5 E 10/29/08 Rent
 Iron Man Wii Wii 5.9 T 5/1/08 Rent
 G-Force Wii Wii 6.2 E10+ 7/20/09 Rent
 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Wii Wii 5.7 E10+ 6/27/07 Rent
 Man vs. Wild Wii Wii 5.5 T 4/28/11 Rent
 Ju-on: The Grudge Wii Wii 4.3 M 10/13/09 Rent
 EA Playground Wii Wii 6.2 E 10/23/07 Rent
 Tak and The Guardians of Gross Wii Wii 5.6 E10+ 10/15/08 More Info
 Secret Files: Tunguska Wii Wii 5.0 T 6/26/10 Rent
 Spy Fox: Dry Cereal Wii Wii 5.6 E 8/29/08 Rent