Wii Most Popular

Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 Zumba Fitness World Party Wii Wii 5.6 E 11/5/13 Rent
 Transformers: Prime Wii Wii 6.6 E10+ 10/29/12 Rent
 Disney/Pixar Brave: The Video Game Wii Wii 7.0 E10+ 6/18/12 Rent
 Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Wii Wii 6.4 E 9/24/12 Rent
 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Wii Wii 7.5 E10+ 6/28/10 Rent
 Spore Hero Wii Wii 6.5 E10+ 10/5/09 Rent
 Rayman Origins Wii Wii 7.6 E10+ 11/14/11 Rent
 LEGO Batman Wii Wii 7.6 E10+ 9/22/08 Rent
 Wii Sports Wii Wii 8.1 E 11/19/06 Rent
 Sonic and the Secret Rings Wii Wii 5.2 E 2/21/07 Rent
 LEGO Lord of the Rings Wii Wii 7.8 E10+ 11/17/12 Rent
 Go Vacation Wii Wii 7.6 E10+ 10/8/11 Rent
 Angry Birds: Star Wars Wii Wii 4.3 E 10/28/13 Rent
 Michael Jackson The Experience Wii Wii 7.6 E10+ 11/22/10 Rent
 Just Dance: Disney Party Wii Wii 5.8 E 10/22/12 Rent
 Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff Wii Wii 6.7 E 8/15/13 Rent
 NBA 2K13 Wii Wii 7.5 E 10/1/12 Rent
 The Croods: Prehistoric Party! Wii Wii 5.2 E 3/18/13 Rent