GC Action Adventure

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Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 One Piece: Grand Battle GC GC 7.4 T 9/6/05 More Info
 Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu GC GC 6.6 T 11/13/03 More Info
 The Italian Job GC GC 6.2 T 7/16/03 Rent
 Whirl Tour GC GC 4.9 E 11/27/02 Rent
 From Russia With Love GC GC 7.4 T 11/17/05 More Info
 Sonic Gems Collection GC GC 7.2 E 8/18/05 More Info
 Cel Damage GC GC 6.7 T 1/8/02 More Info
 Super Monkey Ball Adventure GC GC 5.4 E 8/1/06 More Info
 Army Men: Sarge's War GC GC 7.1 T 7/22/04 Rent
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