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Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 Casper: Spirit Dimensions GC GC 4.3 E 9/24/02 Rent
 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within GC GC 7.3 M 12/1/04 Rent
 Superman: Shadow of Apokolips GC GC 5.6 E 3/23/03 Rent
 Puyo Pop Fever GC GC 6.3 E 7/21/04 Rent
 Pac-Man Fever GC GC 6.1 E 9/3/02 Rent
 Frogger Beyond GC GC 4.8 E 12/5/02 Rent
 Mystic Heroes GC GC 6.6 T 10/3/02 Rent
 Kirby Air Ride GC GC 8.0 E 10/14/03 Rent
 Shark Tale GC GC 5.2 E 9/29/04 Rent
 Minority Report GC GC 5.9 T 11/26/02 Rent
 Beach Spikers GC GC 6.8 E 8/13/02 Rent
 Rayman Arena GC GC 6.4 E 9/25/02 Rent
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