Xbox Action Adventure

Title  Popularity Platform GF Rating  ESRB Release Date   
 Suffering: Ties That Bind Xbox Xbox 7.0 M 9/27/05 Rent
 Beyond Good and Evil Xbox Xbox 8.5 T 12/4/03 More Info
 Big Mutha Truckers Xbox Xbox 5.2 T 6/25/03 More Info
 Just Cause Xbox Xbox 6.4 M 9/26/06 More Info
 Indigo Prophecy Xbox Xbox 7.8 M 9/21/05 More Info
 Hitman: Blood Money Xbox Xbox 8.1 M 5/31/06 More Info
 Shenmue II Xbox Xbox 8.2 T 10/31/02 More Info
 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Xbox Xbox 8.2 T 8/19/02 More Info
 Enclave Xbox Xbox 5.8 M 7/30/02 More Info
 Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Xbox Xbox 4.9 T 11/13/03 Rent
 BloodRayne Xbox Xbox 7.0 M 10/17/02 More Info
 Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Xbox Xbox 6.7 T 3/25/02 More Info
 Madagascar Xbox Xbox 6.7 E10+ 5/23/05 More Info
 I-Ninja Xbox Xbox 7.3 T 12/5/03 Rent
 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Xbox Xbox 6.7 E 12/10/03 More Info
 Mission Impossible: Operation Surma Xbox Xbox 5.6 T 12/9/03 Rent
 Matrix: Path of Neo Xbox Xbox 6.8 T 11/7/05 Rent
 Blood Omen 2 Xbox Xbox 7.4 M 3/20/02 Rent