PS2 Action Adventure

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Title  Popularity  Platform GF Rating ESRB Release Date   
 Battlestar Galactica PS2 PS2 4.3 T 11/20/03 Rent
 Star Trek: Encounters PS2 PS2 4.2 E10+ 10/2/06 Rent
 CID the Dummy PS2 PS2 4.1 E10+ 7/14/09 Rent
 Army Men Green Rogue PS2 PS2 4.1 T 3/21/01 Rent
 Godai: Elemental Force PS2 PS2 3.9 T 1/8/02 Rent
 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows PS2 PS2 3.9 E10+ 10/23/08 Rent
 Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer PS2 PS2 3.8 T 8/14/06 Rent
 Eye Toy: Operation Spy PS2 PS2 3.8 E 11/16/05 Rent
 Jumper: Griffin's Story PS2 PS2 3.7 T 2/14/08 Rent
 Combat Elite: WW2 Paratroopers PS2 PS2 3.7 T 11/22/05 Rent
 McFarlane's Evil Prophecy PS2 PS2 3.6 M 6/16/04 Rent
 Men in Black 2: Alien Escape PS2 PS2 3.5 T 6/27/02 Rent
 Pryzm Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn PS2 PS2 3.5 T 6/11/02 Rent
 Hidden Invasion PS2 PS2 3.1 T 7/30/02 Rent
 Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune PS2 PS2 2.7 E 11/28/08 Rent
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