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Title  Popularity  Platform GF Rating ESRB Release Date   
 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS 3DS 9.0 E 11/22/13 Rent
 Super Smash Bros. 3DS 3DS 8.9 E10+ 10/3/14 Rent
 Bravely Default 3DS 3DS 8.3 T 2/11/14 Rent
 Kirby Triple Deluxe 3DS 3DS 8.3 E 5/2/14 Rent
 Tomodachi Life 3DS 3DS 7.9 E 6/6/14 Rent
 Mario Golf: World Tour 3DS 3DS 7.0 E 5/2/14 Rent
 Yoshi's New Island 3DS 3DS 6.9 E 3/15/14 Rent
 Mario Party: Island Tour 3DS 3DS 6.3 E 11/22/13 Rent
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