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Associate designer for NBA Live 15 departs to work on NBA 2K15

by Robert Workman,, Aug 11, 2014 6:30AM PDT

It's interesting to see someone switch from one franchise to another, especially when they have so much in common to begin with. In this case, basketball.

Scott O'Gallagher, a former pro basketball player who was working as associate designer for EA Sports and the NBA Live franchise, has recently departed to go work over at 2K Sports as the Gameplay Producer for the forthcoming NBA 2K15.

O'Gallagher previously left EA in June, but the hire for 2K was only recent, as he updated his twitter profile with his new job listing, followed by the comment "Cheese". It's an interesting departure, but one that's bound to make NBA 2K15 even better when it debuts this October.