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Watch 15 minutes of gameplay from The Sims 4

by Ozzie Mejia,, Jul 21, 2014 11:30AM PDT

EA and Maxis are hoping to entice fans of the long-running Sims franchise with some new features and a fresh coat of paint. So with that in mind, the Sims creators have released the demo that they showed off at E3 earlier this year, offering up 15 minutes of new gameplay footage.

The video below displays the Sims creation system, before jumping into gameplay proper to show off their new personality traits, expressive character models, and the benefits that come with certain emotional states. For example, producer Ryan Vaughan explains that he got his Sim in a fight and left him in an angry state, which allowed him to focus that newfound intensity into activities like workouts.

Check out the full walkthrough to learn more about what this new installment of the Sims will feature. The game is set to hit PC on September 2.