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Watch Dogs DLC adds three more missions

by Steve Watts,, Jul 1, 2014 9:47AM PDT

Watch Dogs received a new chunk of single-player content today, including some missions, weapons, and perks. It went out to Season Pass members a week ago, and starting today those who didn't bite on a season pass can purchase it individually for $6.99.

The three missions are The Palace, in which you wipe the hard drive of an Internet mogul; Signature Shot, where you have to breach a stronghold to imprint on a weapon; and Breakthrough, which involves finding scrambler vehicles and taking out their technicians. You'll also get a Biometric Rifle and the Auto-6 pistol, plus a battery boost with another phone battery slot, a Blume Weapon Boost for faster reloading and less recoil, a Driving Master boost for better vehicle hits, and an ATM Hack boost that increases your cash flow. Plus it throws in a South Chicago outfit.

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