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Hellraid moves onto Xbox One & PS4, slips into 2015

by Andrew Yoon,, Apr 30, 2014 8:15AM PDT

Techland, developers of the Dead Island series, announced Hellraid a year ago, promising "elements of hack & slash RPGs, first-person shooters and online multiplayer games," with "exploration, looting, questing, weapon crafting, boss fights, armor customization, character development, leaderboards, magic and so much more." It was due late last year, until Techland delayed it to this year. The game has been pushed back yet again, this time to 2015 to accommodate a shift to next-gen platforms.

According to Techland, the game has "expanded and evolved" since its initial reveal. Although it's still a first-person co-op slasher, the game has been updated with a new Arena mode and arcade-style Mission mode. The combat has been adjusted to feature one and two-handed melee weapons, shields, magic staves, and ranged weapons. The melee combat is more "complex and immersive" thanks to diverse fighting styles, counter-attacks, parrying, and dashing abilities.

The game has also been moved onto Chrome Engine 6, the latest version of Techland's engine--the same tech that powers Dying Light. As such, the game is now next-gen only, forgoing a PS3 and Xbox 360 release in favor for PS4 and Xbox One. The console versions are due in 2015, while a Steam Early Access build will be available this fall.

Check out the new trailer for the updated game: