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Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts announced

by Alice O'Connor,, Feb 26, 2014 8:30AM PST

It's around this time of year that we start hearing whispers of what Activision's up to with its next big annualized shooter sequel, tales of distant dusty lands and unlikely rumors of space stations. The publisher isn't beating about the bush this time, oh no, it's just saying it: March 26 will bring the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U launch of Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts.

This year's installment will see four hunting celebrities off the TV guiding players around North America, teaching them how to best kill the local wildlife. While this may be less ambitious than the Call of Duty-style narrative rollercoaster of the Dangerous Hunts subseries, Activision's not just resting on its laurels. The publisher says that Pro Hunts will also bring better ballistic physics and "more realistic, thoughtful animal AI."

Pro Hunts is compatible with the Top Shot Elite plastic gun controller and the heartrate-sensing Top Shot Fearmaster. The PC release will be download-only, via Steam.

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