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Battlefield 4's spectator mode aimed at catching eSports fans

by Steve Watts,, Oct 11, 2013 11:45AM PDT

DICE first showed off Battlefield 4's spectator mode at E3. Today, DICE has now taken the wraps off of it with much more detail, and explained why it was so important to get into eSports spectating.

"Spectator Mode will tie into competitive gaming in many ways," says an in-depth post on the Battlefield blog. "The broadcasting-friendly features of Spectator mode, along with the depth of gameplay and improved teamplay mechanics, will allow BF4 to take a big step into the competitive gaming scene. While no one can say exactly when, we at DICE are convinced that e-sports will someday become the most popular sport on the planet, and we’d like Battlefield to be one of the games that makes that happen."

To that end, it allows four spectator slots, with customizable layers of UI to turn on and off based on how much information you might like. You'll be able to select from first- and third-person cameras, a tactical "tabletop" view similar to Commander Mode, and a freecam view that lets you control one of five free-roaming cameras scattered around the map.

Spectator mode will only be available on the next-gen versions of the game: on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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