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Quell Memento coming to Vita, iOS, Android

by Steve Watts,, Apr 29, 2013 5:00PM PDT

An indie developer is reviving a puzzle concept that it first came up with generations ago, in system life-cycle terms. Fallen Tree Games has announced Quell Memento, a sliding puzzle game that it first conceptualized for 8-bit systems back in 1993.

The studio detailed the game on the PlayStation Blog. It's set in an old abandoned house, which they say isn't meant to be creepy, but rather to evoke a sense of mystery and curiosity about the previous occupants. Through the game's 150 puzzles, you'll hear the story of the house as it slowly transforms back into its previous lived-in state. You can use the touchscreen or D-pad and sticks to solve puzzles, and Fallen Tree says it wanted to make a game that lets players unwind after work.

The game was originally created on an Amstrad CPC computer, and was titled "Last of the Smileys." Fallen Tree didn't announce a date or price, but a blog post from the official site said it has been done since January. That post also mentioned iOS and Android versions.