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Rayman creator, team pose with Rayman Legends protestors

by Steve Watts,, Feb 12, 2013 10:30AM PST

The delay of Rayman Legends caused no small bit of consternation among eager fans, especially once it was revealed that the game hadn't suffered any Wii U development setbacks. The sole reason for the delay, according to Ubisoft, was to have a same-day release on multiple platforms. Some of the development team, including creator Michel Ancel, has now shown support for a set of protestors.

Photos on Eurogamer show Ancel and his team standing with the protestors, who were holding a banner that translates to read: "Release Rayman: Support Ubisoft Montpelier." The banner also shows a crying Rayman saying "SVP" ("s'il vous plait," or "please"). This comes just after an unnamed former Rayman developer expressed frustration at the delay.

Ubisoft has promised a new Wii U demo to appease gamers upset by the delay, but so far has shown no signs of changing its mind and releasing the Wii U title earlier than the planned PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Ancel and his crew showing support for the protestors doesn't necessarily mean they support the message--they could simply appreciate the fans' passion, after all--but it certainly comes off as a bit of civil disobedience to his bosses.

[Photo courtesy of Eurogamer.]

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