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Vita is getting yet another PS3 port. Aksys Games has announced a Vita port of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm. As is typical for new versions of... Read more

A new Final Fantasy X/X-2 trailer focuses on Tidus and Yuna's romance, just in time for Valentine's Day. Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Feb 9, 2014 9:00AM PST

Next week will find see the end of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, when Lightning Returns launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Other new releases include Llamasoft's TxK, the Xbox 360 edition of World of Tanks, Far Cry Classic, Metal Slug 3 for PC, and an Early Access version of Dead State. Read more

by Ozzie Mejia,, Feb 8, 2014 1:00PM PST

FuturLab has released a new trailer for its upcoming space shmup/platformer hybrid, Velocity 2X, showing some of its fast-paced arcade-style action and high-end artwork. Read more

by Robert Workman,, Feb 7, 2014 12:30PM PST

A lot of excitement has been brewing for Keiji Inafune's Mega Man-like project Mighty No. 9, which raised record funds on Kickstarter last year and... Read more

by Steve Watts,, Feb 5, 2014 2:00PM PST

Stealth Inc is coming to PlayStation 4, as an "Ultimate Edition" that includes the game and both of its expansion DLC packs. Read more

Dustforce is starting to hit consoles today, as the PS3 and Vita versions should be available with the PlayStation Store update. An Xbox 360 version is set to follow soon. Read more

Though the trailer hinted at its imminent arrival, Telltale has confirmed release dates for The Wolf Among Us's second episode. "Smoke & Mirrors" will arrive on PC, Mac, and PS3 on Tuesday, February 4 and hit Xbox 360 a day later. Read more

This week's Chatty Twitch Highlights get more inclusive, as we feature a PlanetSide 2 Shackbattle (through the eyes of sergeon), pyide playing some Low Scorer Spelunky, and our own Alice playing Dark Souls. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Jan 31, 2014 3:00PM PST

Japanese dungeon-crawler Mind Zero is coming to North America this spring for $39.99. Read more

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