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Batman: Arkham Knight will be the canonical end to the Arkham series, but it took some effort from Rocksteady to make it that way. Read more

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is getting an enhanced PlayStation 4 "Ultimate Edition" with a new campaign, bigger maps, and improved AI. Read more

One thousand developers are now licensed to self-publish on PlayStation platforms. That's a pretty significant milestone. Read more

Jet Car Stunts, originally released in 2009 as a mobile game, is being updated for PC & consoles. A racing platformer, the game has players trying to drive, boost, and jump through challenging courses that feature loops, corkscrews, and more. Read more

Local multiplayer games are making a big return. Read more

Hand of Fate, an indie card-based RPG that was successfully crowdfunded last year, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita. Read more

OlliOlli developer Roll7 has announced its next game: an isometric cover-based shooter called Not a Hero. Read more

The April line-up for PlayStation Plus has been detailed, and it includes (as usual) one new PS4 game, and a variety of awesome PS3 & Vita games. Noteworthy additions include Batman: Arkham City, Castle of Illusion, and PixelJunk Monsters HD. Read more

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that Project CARS will be among the first games to use Sony's Project Morpheus and details how players will get a true first-person perspective. Read more

SCE Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida believes the future of Project Morpheus lies within the innovative mindsets of indie developers and hopes to provide them devkits soon. Read more

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