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Planetside 2 creative director Matt Higby discusses the future of the game's user-generated content initiative, as well as the upcoming PlayStation 4 version. Read more

by Ozzie Mejia,, Jul 1, 2013 11:35AM PDT

PlanetSide 2's creative director Matt Higby briefly spoke about the game's new Battle Islands, which takes the MMO into more instanced territory. Read more

Battlefield 4 is all about "levolution," EA's gimmicky marketing term used to describe the nonetheless impressive amount of destruction you can cause in the environment. And Activision is saying "hey, we can do the same thing" with its newest pre-order incentive. Read more

When adjusted for inflation, PS4 is the cheapest PlayStation home console launch ever. Read more

Mark Cerny, system architect of PS4, admits that while PS3 was a powerful console, they had "completely the wrong attitude" going into that generation of hardware. Read more

Sony does not charge a fee for title updates, a representative told Shacknews amid reports that Microsoft had dropped its own patch fee. Read more

Planetside 2 is planning an update for August that will allow command players to set "hotspots" for missions, with XP bonuses for participating. Read more

DICE has revealed that four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3 will be remade with the Frostbite 3 engine for Battlefield 4. These maps will be part of the Second Assault DLC, which will be coming first to Xbox One sometime after the new console launches. Read more

DC Universe Online creative director Jens Andersen talks about the philosophy that went into the game's free-to-play switch, and why he didn't want to level-gate or "annoy" players into paying. Read more

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says it was planning its DRM policies, but seeing negative reaction. Read more

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