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by Steve Watts,, Sep 6, 2012 3:30PM PDT

Gazillion Entertainment has opened beta sign-ups for Marvel Heroes, and the closed beta is set to start on October 1. Read more

One of PSP's most beloved cult hits is Half Minute Hero, an RPG that gives players thirty seconds to save the world. And it's finally coming to PC. Read more

Ubisoft has announced The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, a F2P PC game that centers around looting other players' castles while defending your own. Read more

by John Keefer,, Sep 6, 2012 1:00PM PDT

Ubisoft has put the Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online on hold indefinitely so it can focus exclusively on the game for PC. Read more

SOE announced the "Player Studio" today, an item creation system that will let creators share in-game revenues for their items. It will debut with EverQuest and EverQuest II. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Sep 6, 2012 11:00AM PDT

A hands-on preview of Hitman: Absolution's newly announced Contracts mode, with some insight from game director Tore Blystad. Read more

"Get to the chopper!" cries the narrator of Thunder Wolves' announcement trailer. "Come get some!" Clearly, the helicopter 'em up from Defenders of Ardania developer Most Wanted isn't going for the simulator experience. Announced today by Ubisoft, it's coming to PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in the first quarter of 2013. Read more

by John Keefer,, Sep 6, 2012 9:15AM PDT

Apparently Diablo III director Jay Wilson didn't like the crowd control was working on his Barbarian at higher levels, so the upcoming 1.0.5 patch will change the way CC is handled in the game. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Sep 6, 2012 8:15AM PDT

Ubisoft has shared more details on Assassin's Creed Utopia, the iPhone and Android title coming this winter to tie into Assassin's Creed 3. Read more

Multiplayer-only games live or die on their ability to draw a lasting playerbase, but this can be tricky when you've only got the resources of a small indie studio at hand. Unknown Worlds is tackling this head-on before it can even become an issue for Natural Selection 2, handing out an extra 45,000 free copies of the FPS-RTS to early pre-orders to jump-start the multiplayer community. Read more