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Ubisoft estimates that 3.5 million units of Assassin's Creed 3 have been sold through to consumers, double the number of Assassin's Creed Revelations sales from the same period last year. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Nov 6, 2012 11:00AM PST

Guild Wars 2's "Lost Shores" update has been given a rolling release date, coming out in phases throughout the weekend of November 16. Read more

by Andrew Yoon,, Nov 6, 2012 10:30AM PST

Although Ubisoft is still hiring for Watch Dog's development team, the French publisher is aiming to have the game ready by 2013. Read more

If you have been itching to climb into a mech and blow away other mechanical giants in a multiplayer frenzy, GameFly and Shacknews are giving away 50,000 keys to Hawken to let players test their skills in an upcoming closed beta beginning on November 8. Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Nov 6, 2012 8:15AM PST

Lawks, will you look at that! This week brings that most rare and precious of new releases: a new PlayStation 2 game, in the form of PES 2013. Oh, and something named Halo 4 is coming out. It's probably popular if there are at least four, unless this is comedy The Naked Gun-style naming. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Nov 6, 2012 7:30AM PST

Gearbox has launched season two of its Claptrap Web series, and buried a Shift Code at the end to tempt you to watch it. Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Nov 6, 2012 6:45AM PST

Fans of classic sandbox space sim series Elite have clamored for a sequel for yonks, but creator David Brabern's studio Frontier Developments has been occupied putting out games like Kinectimals and Kinect Disneyland Adventures. Now it's finally ready to give a new Elite a proper go and has turned to Kickstarter (where else?) for $2 million, but the pitch is astonishingly barebones, hoping that tugging at your nostalgia gland will be sufficient. Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Nov 6, 2012 6:00AM PST

Curiouser and curiouser, Peter Molyneux and 22Can's experimental cube-clicker Curiosity was released ahead of schedule this morning. It was due to arrive tomorrow morning at 22 minutes past midnight, in reference to the studio's name, but a slip means we can all get on with the undoubtedly underwhelming experience of clicking on a cube to see what's inside sooner. Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Nov 5, 2012 4:30PM PST

Fans of classic Steven Seagal movie Under Siege, your prayers have been answered. Dead Island Riptide publisher Deep Silver today unveiled the zombie FPS-RPG's new fifth playable character, and he's the closest we may ever get to seeing old Steve's star character in a video game--a Navy cook with furious fists of martial arts fury. Read more

DmC: Devil May Cry will run at 30 FPS instead of 60, but Capcom says it's employed some visual trickery to imitate the smoother frame rate. Read more