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by Alice O'Connor,, Aug 12, 2012 10:00AM PDT

Next week's new release lineup is a bit crammed, bulging with Darksiders II, New Super Mario Bros. 2, The Last Story, Sleeping Dogs, Papo & Yo, the PC edition of Iron Brigade, and more. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Aug 10, 2012 4:00PM PDT

Rayman Legends is introducing a new character named Barbara to the co-op roster, a little girl with a big axe. Read more

by John Keefer,, Aug 10, 2012 3:30PM PDT

En Masse has finally settled its lawsuit with NCSoft over whether developer Bluehole Studios had used proprietary material from Lineage 3 in developing its MMO Tera. Read more

by John Keefer,, Aug 10, 2012 1:30PM PDT

Paradox Interactive has been hinting at a new strategy title under the moniker of "Project Truman," but it finally unveiled the real game, Europa Universalis IV, the next installment in the popular grand strategy franchise. Read more

For the first time in an XCOM (and X-COM) game, you'll be able to partake in one-on-one deathmatch shenanigans. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Aug 10, 2012 11:30AM PDT

Jet Set Radio HD will hit next month for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and follow on Vita in October. It will cost $9.99 across all platforms. Read more

007 Legends is getting two retailer-exclusive pre-order bonus packs -- one which includes villain skins for multiplayer, and the other which includes a Bond skin, a weapon, and a perk. Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Aug 10, 2012 10:00AM PDT

War! Huah! Yeah. What is it good for? Video games! Eugen Systems likes it so much they named their game Wargame: European Escalation after it, and now a sequel's on its way. Publisher Focus Home Interactive today announced that Wargame: AirLand Battle will come to PC in 2013. Read more

by John Keefer,, Aug 10, 2012 9:30AM PDT

We knew that the PC version of Assassin's Creed 3 was coming before Christmas, but now Ubisoft has finally announced a date: November 20. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Aug 10, 2012 9:00AM PDT

The Witcher 2 will debut its REDkit mod tools at GamesCom, CD Projekt RED has announced. Read more