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EverQuest Next and Landmark will be free-to-play when they launch. SOE hopes that Player Studio--which lets players build, share, and sell in-game items--will end up being the "backbone" for the game's revenue. Read more

"Our goal is to be able to allow people with 4 or 5 year old machines to be able to play," Georgeson said. Read more

"We need to make sure that it's a kickass game on PC before we do anything else," EverQuest franchise director Dave Georgeson told Shacknews. "We're going to nail down all our questions and design and everything like that so that it's a really good game. Then we'll talk about other platforms." Read more

by Alice O'Connor,, Aug 2, 2013 1:30PM PDT

Interaction enthusiasts: you have a fortnight to practice rummaging in drawers, reading other people's letters, and finding audiodiaries, as explore 'em up Gone Home has been dated for August 15. Fun facts: developer The Fullbright Company was founded by three of the folks behind BioShock 2's splendid Minerva's Den DLC; and, though I am clearly some manner of monster, I cried playing Gone Home. Read more

EverQuest Next is a project so ambitious that the term "reboot" doesn't seem sufficient enough. SOE's vision is to make a world where everything is destructible, and every action is permanent and persistent. Read more

EverQuest Next won't be available this year. However, players will be able to get an early taste of SOE's next-gen Norrath through EverQest Next Landmark. Read more

Hopefully, you've read our preview of EverQuest Next, SOE's incredibly ambitious next-gen MMO. It's a stunning game, one you want to see in action. Here are a number of clips sent by Sony Online Entertainment, showing off the game's environments and impressive destruction. Read more

Rogue Legacy has been praised for its handling of death and Teddy Lee from Cellar Door Games discusses with Shacknews how the game originally started out with a much grander scope. Read more

by Andrew Yoon,, Aug 2, 2013 10:00AM PDT

We're giving away beta keys for the PC version of Skullgirls. The first one hundred people to request a code via Chatty will get full access to the game's multiplayer mode. First-come, first-serve folks. Read more

The central problem of Invisible Predator Online, Akrham Origin's new multiplayer mode: Batman isn't enough of a badass. In fact, he barely seems relevant. Read more