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Unity is dropping Flash. The company explained the decision with some harsh criticism for Adobe for not being committed to the platform. Read more

Brian Fargo has been an outspoken proponent of crowdfunding since before his company successfully kickstarted Wasteland 2. However, the inXile CEO said that one of the biggest reasons he is thrilled with the process is no more outside interference with games the audience wants them to make. Read more

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's soundtrack is now available to pre-order on iTunes. Read more

"The challenge rooms really taught me a lot," creative director of the new Batman said. "They teach you more than anything is 'you don't know how to play the game when you're playing the campaign.'" Read more

by Steve Watts,, Apr 24, 2013 11:30AM PDT

Lost Planet 3 has gotten a debut multiplayer trailer from Capcom Japan, showing off the combat and customized loadouts. Read more

I did like that bit in the Lord of the Rings movies when they finally stopped walking about and had a big fight. That was fun. The Battle of the Hornburg will finally come to The Lord of the Rings Online as "the most massive conflict yet" with the 'Helm's Deep' expansion. Announced today by publisher Warner Bros, it's due this fall. Read more

The next Call of Duty game will be subtitled "Ghosts" and is planned for launch on November 5, according to a pair of leaks. Read more

The SimCity 2.0 patch seems to have introduced some new bugs of its own, according to users. Read more

Sega teased a little of Total War: Rome 2's Battle of the Teutoburg Forest mission in February, and today came back with a solid 10 minutes of narrated actual gameplay. It's an ambush rather than a straight-up army vs. army battle, so come watch doggies and horsies chasing the Romans. Read more

2K Games has finally revealed what we have known for awhile: The planned XCOM tactical shooter has "evolved," and an announcement on what is going on at developer 2K Marin should be revealed in "the coming days," perhaps as early as April 26. Read more