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Minecraft developer Mojang has a lot of money. And it will make even more money with two new initiatives: a retail version for Xbox 360, and a paid subscription service. Read more

Richard Garriott is not the first great designer to turn to Kickstarter as a means to fund his work. But while Shroud of the Avatar, his long-awaited return to game design, directly references the classic Ultima series, Garriott is banking on more than nostalgia. Read more

Never one for fuss and fanfare, celebrated indie developer Jason Rohrer yesterday quietly released The Castle Doctrine. The Passage and Sleep Is Death creator's home security/invasion game is out in alpha form for $8--half the price the finished version will be. Heck, if you pick up a few tricks from playing, you can make that money back in a few minutes of casual burglary. Read more

Having been involved in role-playing games for so many years, starting with the Ultima games, Richard Garriott is quite qualified to discuss what is wrong with the genre. And one of the biggest mistakes being made by MMOs today is spending so much time and money on the game without knowing if the audience will accept it. Read more

by John Keefer,, Mar 12, 2013 2:15PM PDT

GRID 2 may be racing its way to PC and consoles on May 28, but that doesn't mean Mac users are being left in the dust. They will be able to get the original GRID when Feral Interactive releases it on March 28. Read more

Shadow of the Colossus showed what happens when you let little people clamber up a magnificent great beast: terrible, terrible things. Burden wants you to make sure that won't happen. Publisher Surprise Attack today released the first trailer for PixelPickle's tower defense game, which will let players atone for the SotC sins by setting up fortifications atop mechanical, ahem, Colossi. Read more

by Timothy J. Seppala,, Mar 12, 2013 11:30AM PDT

Anomaly 2's motif may be transformation, but the core of what made its 2011 prequel so refreshing remains largely unchanged. What I saw of the game so far already feels incredibly polished and ready for release. Read more

Ron Gilbert is like a bird. He needs to be set free. The designer of The Cave has announced that he's leaving Double Fine Productions, "now that The Cave is done and unleashed." Read more

Ragnar Tørnquist and Red Thread Games were clearly getting enough money to make Dreamfall Chapters, as its crowdfunding campaign rocketed out the gate and hit its $850,000 target in about a week, but how many stretch goals could it hit? Funding wrapped up over the weekend at $1,538,425--180% of the goal and just enough to make the adventure game as a 'Director's Cut.' Planned features it trimmed or cut to make the basic budget viable will now be added back in. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Mar 8, 2013 4:00PM PST

The Showdown Effect, the newly-released game from Magicka developer Arrowhead, has gotten a demo on Steam. Read more