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Amazing graphics. Thats it

posted by MikeTechnique (LAS VEGAS, NV) Sep 1, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I don't know why this is such a great game to people. Probably because of it being the first game in its class on ps4 and its visuals. Other than that, this game is terrible in every other way possible. If you're a fan of the first 2 games like myself, then when you meet the protagonist, you'll automatically wish for Cole back. Delsin is too annoying and childish and the story is so predictable. Called every single thing before it happened. Most of the choices don't really give a great sense of good vs evil nor does it really give you anything worthy of having either good or bad like the last games. Even though I could care less for the game, it was still fun to play through so, use your Gamefly to rent this game. SuckerPunch probably put all they really had into the graphics didn't try as much and everything else. But thats probably a reason why they didn't call it Infamous 3.

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Great first game into the next generation

posted by dcwins1994 (SUFFOLK, VA) Aug 31, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

This was the first (solo) game experience I had on my new ps4, and can I say it really was an experience. This game is flat out fun and amazing! I don't often replay a game but i am sure to do it on this one. From just the full kick-a play to the split story line with you can go about in two different ways, Good vs. Evil. Really get this game you won't be disappointed. Of and lastly it looks absolutely amazing.

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Not quite as good as the previous Infamous's

posted by sorcalin (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Aug 31, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

To begin, I LOVED Infamous 1 and 2, they are on my top 10 all-time favorite games that I have ever played. I loved the Cole MacGrath, the storyline, the gameplay, and the powers. When renting this, I was expecting this to add to the others and be something very special, but I felt sort of let down..

The graphics are pretty nice, especially when roaming around the city. The graphics during the cutscenes aren't anything special IMO for a next generation console, but they are still nice. What I liked most about the visuals was the smooth framerate even during intense fighting scenes as well as flying throughout the city with your video powers.

I wasn't expecting anything different from the gameplay, which I was correct. This is good and bad. I liked how I could become familiar again with the old controls, but there wasn't anything different with the gameplay. They had the same main missions, with open world so you are able to do side missions, but some of them are the same as the other games, and some are the same but a little different concept. I did like the spray paint idea, and it was pretty entertaining actually.

I like how you end up obtaining several new powers throughout, and the idea of them are cool, but they never wowed me like I was hoping.

The story, to me, was awful. They could have dragged it out a bit and added more hours of gameplay and background but it felt very rushed. It just seemed to focus only on the gameplay not the story.

Overally it's a 7/10. The story should have been better, the powers were cool but not amazing like I hoped for, and the gameplay is too similar to the previous games. It still is a fun game, and aesthetically beautiful. It's a definite rent, not buy though.

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