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Not quite as good as the previous Infamous's

posted by sorcalin (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Aug 31, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

To begin, I LOVED Infamous 1 and 2, they are on my top 10 all-time favorite games that I have ever played. I loved the Cole MacGrath, the storyline, the gameplay, and the powers. When renting this, I was expecting this to add to the others and be something very special, but I felt sort of let down..

The graphics are pretty nice, especially when roaming around the city. The graphics during the cutscenes aren't anything special IMO for a next generation console, but they are still nice. What I liked most about the visuals was the smooth framerate even during intense fighting scenes as well as flying throughout the city with your video powers.

I wasn't expecting anything different from the gameplay, which I was correct. This is good and bad. I liked how I could become familiar again with the old controls, but there wasn't anything different with the gameplay. They had the same main missions, with open world so you are able to do side missions, but some of them are the same as the other games, and some are the same but a little different concept. I did like the spray paint idea, and it was pretty entertaining actually.

I like how you end up obtaining several new powers throughout, and the idea of them are cool, but they never wowed me like I was hoping.

The story, to me, was awful. They could have dragged it out a bit and added more hours of gameplay and background but it felt very rushed. It just seemed to focus only on the gameplay not the story.

Overally it's a 7/10. The story should have been better, the powers were cool but not amazing like I hoped for, and the gameplay is too similar to the previous games. It still is a fun game, and aesthetically beautiful. It's a definite rent, not buy though.

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Sucker Punch Does It Again!

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Aug 29, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Sucker Punch is a game developer that is famous for the Sly Cooper Games, just the first three, and also the ones who create inFamous series. inFamous is a great game series that started out on PS3, first with the original game then the sequel, then did the Festival of Blood DLC for Halloween one year, and now they're at it again with Second Son.

Story for Second Son is very good, even better than inFamous 1 and 2 combined. Reason why is because the way the characters are and even the banter between Delsin and Reggie makes the story great even with Delsin trying to get the power that is killing his tribe off in order to save them. Morality is mainly the same as inFamous 2 was but more graphic and more consequences to deal with no matter if you play a hero or the villain/anti-hero (hence the name inFamous, since it is a evil morality ranking in the game). Overall the story is the best you can get on a PS4 only game for now.

Graphics and sound is very great for a next gen based game on PS4. Lighting and character detail and even the partical/destruction effects are realistic for next-gen. Also the game is at 1080p native but the Frames per second is at 60 but it sometimes look like it is not but it is because it doesn't move smoothly like Killzone Shadow Fall or Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for instance. This is great for tight situations in the game. Sound is even cool for a Ps4 only game.

Gameplay is great even with quite a bit of repeating infamous 2. Great thing is more powers, you get to start with smoke, then get neon, then video and at the end concrete. DLC such as Paper Trails will get you paper and also standalone DLC like First Light does extend the game with it and without it. Overall with the same old being refined and also added a bit is nothing bad and still is great.

Overall I give this game a 10 out of 10. A must buy for anyone that has a PS4 or is a fan of the inFamous game series.

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Very Good

Good for a rent personally I wouldn't purchase

posted by G5Xeon (WOODLAND, CA) Aug 28, 2014

Member since Oct 2004

This is the first game I have ever played on my new PS4 so take it from that. This was a good game for me to get familiar with the control and the trackpad as well.

Graphics are decent especially the particle effects of the fire and smoke. Well done. Can be a bit repetitious is some ways and from what I have heard you'll have more fun playing the evil vs. the hero.

I am coming from a 360 and am an older player but I have to say that the power and smoothness of the PS4 really has wowed me so far. Fast loading, fast pretty much everything.

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