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Very Good

Good Game

posted by neeven2 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Oct 18, 2014

Member since Jan 2013

You are able to "absorb" powers from other certain people. You have your main mission, but you have side missions and free roam. You choose if you want to be a good guy or bad guy and it does effect game play. Some missions are for only good people and some are for only bad.

Two issues for me: When you die, you respawn at the start of the chapter, which is always on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY from here you need to be. Lots of running around.

I chose to be a good guy. Good choices raised my meter. I could still make bad choices, but it didn't seem to effect me. So why offer bad choices later if it doesn''t matter?

BIG PLUS for PS4: When you have to use the spry paint, the game makes tilt the controller vertically and use the motion sensors. Not sure if other systems do this, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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GF Rating


Worth a rental.

posted by Vorpal_Spork (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 16, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

The good:

The main character is a real person. I'm so tired of silent or super bland protagonists that are basically empty husks for me to inhabit. It doesn't help me identify with them, it just makes them boring automatons. This game doesn't do that. The protagonist actually has a personality for once.

The game is short for an open world game, but that's a good thing. It has a lot less pointless length padding than most of them do.

The bad:

The story focuses on too many characters and doesn't have time to develop most of them enough.

Like all open world games, it gets repetitive.

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GF Rating


1st Great game on PS4

posted by Izid_ppc (CHINO, CA) Oct 10, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

Seriously fun game. Couldn't put the controller down. The best part of this game was that the collectibles were actually fun to get and important to the game's storyline. The story was whatever, the graphics are great, and the gameplay didn't get boring.

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