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wonderful all ages title

posted by buckykat11 (North hollywood, CA) Feb 8, 2012

Member since Jan 2008

i have seen some ridiculuous reviews for this game, some stating that it is for children and too simplistic, and others giving the same low score for it being too difficult. it can't be both, and quite frankly, i think it is neither.

every moment with this game was pleasant fun. i found it challenging at times, but not too much, at a medium difficulty. as for childishness, the revolutionary bringing down the despot story would be lost on most kids, as would some of the humor. this can be enjoyed by kids, but it is not meant expressly for them.

since the major outlets seem to agree with me here (both critic reviews, plus x-play's, were favorable) i can only assume that the bad reviews came from people with only one slot, that were expecting something different, and were upset about having to wait for their next title.


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Way too addicting!

posted by Poehring (DES MOINES, WA) May 20, 2011

Member since May 2011

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This game is meant for an 8 year old girl, and for some reason, me, a 28 year old guy, can't put it down. This game was so awesome. Funny, Inventive, Creative and Entertaining all at once. Funny Story Line, Great graphics, great music, just over all good times. I would recommend, if you think this game looks too childish for you, Give it a try. I dare you.

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Repetitive, but Relaxing & Fun

posted by VGDesign (SHARON, MA) May 7, 2011

Member since Dec 2008

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I'm a bit biased, since I played de Blob (the original) back in 2008. As such, I'm already going to say that it's awesome.

But de Blob 2 is, frankly, beyond my expectations. EVERYTHING has been magnified and expanded - be it power-ups, challenges, and the city itself. The levels are easily twice the size of de Blob 1 areas, and have taken me upwards of an hour to complete, especially if you want to 100% it.

There are a few things that bug me. A chief one is the music selection - you only have a choice of three songs per level, and while they vary, I'd rather make a selection from the entire game library (and there's over a dozen choices in total).

The other giant complaint is your sidekick, Pinky. She tells you what to do and how to do it, and it can annoy you, easily. ("I want to do this on my own, #$#$#!) But you can also choose to just ignore her, and she's more helpful than the Color Underground members from the original.

De Blob 2 isn't going to make you say "wow" necessarily - I do because of the beauty of the city landscape that I create. But it's incredibly relaxing, and the best stress-reliever you could imagine. Ever.

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