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Fifty percent more blobby than the original

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 1, 2011

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De Blob is back, and so is his arch nemesis, Blank in De Blob 2 (it was going to be called De Blob Underground).
In the main part of the game, you go through 11 levels of coloring book fun as our blobby hero. Your job is to color everything in sight - from buildings to trees to the citizens of the land. Sometimes you can paint it any way you want, but others require you to paint landscapes a set color.
To color something, you either dip the hero in a pool of paint, or hit a paint bot. This will give you paint points which you need to paint anything.
And you also have to deal with Blank’s army of malicious - whatever the heck they are by smashing at them from overhead or rolling over them like a bowling ball.
Along the way, you enter buildings and get through 2D plat forming levels where you dispatch more enemies and hit all sorts of switches. And you get some new abilities, like turn into a wrecking ball or explode and take out several enemies at once.
The gameplay is improved over the original because instead of shaking the Wiimote to jump, all you have to do is push the A button. And you can also improve your abilities by collecting light bulbs placed all of every level and spending them like cash.
And this game has the charm - and the simplistic fun the original had.
But in this game, a second player can join in and blast some enemies - much like the second player in Super Mario Galaxy.
But there are problems, and they mostly have to do with the camera. Far too often, it moves and points in the wrong direction, and I have to readjust it. Getting up a tower or dealing with lots of enemies can be really annoying due to the wandering camera.
Another problem is the time limit for the levels - why do we have it in this game?
Still, De Blob 2 will thrill many players who love the original - and fixes one of that game’s biggest problems. It’s worth a rent, and maybe a purchase.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A fine choice to keep your spirits bright

posted by LemmyKoopa (MADISON, WI) May 2, 2011

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De Blob 2 may not be the most exciting game you'll come across, but it's good fun as you take control of a passionate glob of paint to return color to the world, one building and person at a time.

The gameplay is quite simple. Absorb some paint, maybe soak up a few colors to mix up different ones, and paint buildings, people, trees, and anything else you can find to recover the world from your misery-loving foe, Comrade Black. Along the way you'll encounter enemies that can be easily dealt with by a quick tap of Z+A or Z+B. That simple control mechanism helps make this game easy to navigate despite an occasionally uncooperative camera and your floaty jump. The gameplay doesn't get much more involved than this, and is quite easy especially if you use the radar to point you in the right direction through the large levels. Enemies don't pose much threat and even though I did die a few times for reasons unknown, on the whole the game was a breeze.

But just because it was easy, doesn't mean it wasn't fun. And the reactions you get from Comrade Black over the PA whenever you achieve something are quite humorous. If you're looking for a tougher challenge and enjoy treasure hunts, this game offers some nice extras. There are 100 photos scattered throughout the game. Nothing points to their location and the game won't even tell you how many you found in each level. Whether or not you'll like this challenge depends on whether you liked looking for the blue coins in Super Mario Sunshine. If you don't know what I'm talking about, play that game first; it may not be Mario's best but it is more robust than this.

Still, I greatly enjoyed this game. It did start to get repetitive in the later levels, but the last level was excellent and would give even, dare I say it, Mario Galaxy a run for its money. Pick this one up when you're looking for something less intense, and you can have a nice fun 25- to 30-hour intermission you'll enjoy from start to finish.

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Kids loved it!!!!!!

posted by cdmichael_76 (NORTH VERNON, IN) May 3, 2011

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I got the Da Blob 2 for the Wii for my children. After talking with them on what they thought, they felt it was, as my 10 year old daughter put it, "SWEEEEEET!!!!"

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