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Could be sooooo much better!

posted by JenniPoP (BRANFORD, CT) Jan 31, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Well, I gave them 3 points for trying. The concept of the game is great, Latin dancing is fun, and I expected it to be like Dance Central. Boy was I wrong. Not only are the controls jumpy, you're hand will bounce all over the screen trying to select something, but the actual dancing part is horrible. They do not read your movements AT ALL! I just stood still and watched myself get all greens, WHen they switch to a new move, it skips, like something else is supposed to be there, and it is a completely different move. THere's no breakdowns, they don't let you know what you're doing wrong, just keep telling you about your "GREAT ARMS!!" which are just lying at your sides. I was really dissappointed. They should have waited on the release to fix the many bugs and make the game smoother and accurate. The only good thing is the music!''

Dance Central has the person you are supposed to mirror, and you can see them clearly. All you get here is an outline, which can make some moves almost impossible to see what they are trying to do.

If they can combine the program style of DC and the music and dancing from Zumba, it would be a match made in heaven!

Who wouldn't want an accurate, Latin Dancing lessons based on the exact movements of your body! Tell us WHAT we're doing wrong and how to fix it! I would even like it to freshen up on some of my dances!

THey rushed it out to the shelves and it shows. It could have been AMAZING

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Highly Disappointing!

posted by BethanyKay (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Nov 21, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

14 out of 19 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

I received this game thinking that I'd be able to use it as a new workout. I am a new mom with moderate fitness ability. This game's ability to pick up your movements is quite frankly terrible. The navigation interface sucks compared to other Kinect games. It was the first time I wanted to use the controller to get me to the gameplay portion. I tried out many of the "learn the moves" portions first on the medium difficulty level. The Calypso portion for example on this level started out okay, the character seemed to be picking me up, but then it just starts jumping to the next move and saying "great, you got it" and moving faster and faster and I hadn't even done any of the moves at all. So I went back to try it on the easy difficulty level thinking it was me that was the problem and it wouldn't pick up my movements at all. So I tried other items on the list and again the response would be nothing or it would just say "great" "that's right" " let's try that faster" while I was standing completely still. Bottom line: The game needs work! It's not worth renting, let alone buying. I am truly thankful for GameFly!

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Needs serious work before its worthy of buying

posted by jksteelerz (MOORE, OK) Nov 28, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Like the other review stated, the zumba game was developed cross platform and as such it seems like the developers tried to spread the game to far. It feels like the motion detection software is more like on the Wii rather than the Kinect. As long as you move somewhat like whats supposed to be it registers your movements correctly. The game can be used great as a way to learn the zumba routines but then again you can go buy the complete dvd set for just a few bucks more. There are much better dance games and better exercise games for the Kinect.

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