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GF Rating

Very Good

it's a fun game but...

posted by Tommy062870 (VERSAILLES, KY) Dec 28, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

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this is a VERY fun game with great graphics and lots of thins to do in your zoo's but seems to lack something in game play but again it is worth a rent for its fun factor

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GF Rating

Above Average

Zoo Tycoon

posted by slytye16 (BLACKSBURG, VA) Mar 8, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

This game was fun. The realism is pretty good. The campaign was fun but rather easy. Even the hard missions were beatable on two or three tries. As for being replayable, it leaves a lot to be wanted. The challenge mode is basically a sandbox mode. This is really fun but the cap on the buildings you can have really hurts this game. You can only have about 10 enclosures while there are many more animals that can fit into those areas. The campaigns are fun, but once they're beaten you get bored really quick.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A Flawed Gem

posted by LakinisAssassin (KAYSVILLE, UT) Feb 10, 2014

Member since May 2013

I have grown very fond of "build it" simulations. I have spent so many hours of my life micromanaging farms, theme parks, train stations, more theme parks, prisons, and theme parks. From my growing love in the genre I couldn't have been happier when I first delved into Zoo Tycoon.

The game may be "dumbed" down slightly from the PC version. But the controls on the gamepad work just fine. I thought the menu system was intuitive for the most part. However, navigation memory would have gone a long way into avoiding a few annoyances.

The animals look beautiful, but the people look stiff and gangly. The interactions you can play with the animals fall very short of entertaining, and seem like an odd addition. Animal care is tedious at first but not long into the game you are able to hire zoo keepers to do the dirty work for you.

The staff actually takes care of everything so well, that it almost plays to a fault. Once you hire them, that's it...everything runs perfectly. Sometimes a little need for micromanaging adds life into games like this. They almost seem pointless, as well as the tasks they complete. It would have been no different just removing them completely. That's a problem.

The biggest problem, however, is the limited amount of "space" you have to build. Not physically, but the allotted "pool" meter you are given to build fills extremely quickly. A much larger meter or an unlimited one would have added at least 2 points to my review of this game. The problem is so glaring it ruined the game for me when it filled up, and I was no longer interested in it. It ruined my "vision" so to speak and vastly limits the size of exhibits you can build and/or the variety of animals you want in your park.

It started promising, but ended up no better than the animal feces that your zoo keepers are tasked with cleaning up. Unnecessary and stinky.

Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
Playability 6/10
Entertainment 9/10
Re-playability 3/10
Kid Appeal

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