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posted by Ellybeth30 (SAINT CLOUD, MN) Aug 7, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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I bought this game for 12 dollars and I think I paid about $11.99 too much for it.

I couldn't get past the TUTORIAL without online assistance. The game gives you very little instruction or direction, and I still don't know what the actual plot is. After you go around healing some animals, the game is very repetitive. Moving around the map is tricky. The operations themselves are a little too gory for young kids, but the premise/skill level is a little too stupid for anybody older than 8.

I guess I had too high of expectations, hoping that either the instruction booklet or the tutorial would give you information you need to play the game.

I returned this game less than 5 hours after I bought it.

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Above Average

A "Hospital" up for rent.

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 23, 2008

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It's "Trauma Center" for animals as you step into a vet's shoes and care for several animals over seven operations: One has you removing tick like insects, one has you stitching up and bandaging a wound, one has you guiding a foreign object through what looks like the animal's intestine, one has you zapping viruses in a microscopic level, one has you clearing up spots and pus on the animal's skin, one has you injecting fluids into the animals and the last has you pulling and repairing teeth.
These operations are very short and are repeated over and over again; it does get tiring to do the same operation many times in a row.
But, when Zoo Hospital's controls are done right, it does make me feel like I'm a vet. Applying the antiseptic solution, shaving the fur, stitching a wound, injecting some fluid with the needle and/or zapping those viruses all feel natural. Not since Trauma Center have I felt good about tending wounded patients.
But when the game goes wrong with the controls, it goes very wrong. Pulling teeth is a hassle because its too easy to yank the tooth out before you loosen it. Popping zits with the laser is not needed; I just wait for them to pop, then cleanse the area with the antiseptic solution.
The biggest headache is reloading the gun used to zap the spider-like ticks off the animals. Far too many times, the gun would not reload even through I'm doing exactly what the game told me to do: hold the Wiimote vertically and shake it. This got very troublesome in the later stages, and caused me to fail operations.
Zoo Hospital will tell you information about the animals you care for during the game, which gives it some educational value.
But it also has a forgettable story about an evil guy who's out to take over the zoo and turn it into a golf course. The characters are extremely flat and they overplay their parts.
Zoo Hospital is a game to rent and try to see if it's for you.

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What to do on Zoo Hospital

posted by Nettie (Logan, UT) Sep 30, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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On this game you are helping animals at a zoo. You just got back from vet school and the zoo is in crices. A guy named Grimm wants to buy the zoo and make the worlds largest mini golf coures. The zoo owner, lucy, is in dept with Grimm and has 3 month's to make her zoo really good and to pay back Grimm. you first come to the zoo and you start with only a few animals. Lucy will tell you the instructions and how to operate on the animals. The game is separated into chapters and new animals come your way. You win awards and make friends with the animals. You can feed and pet the animals to try to find their soft spot. The whole game is taking care of animals and baying your dept with Grimm. Well I hope that you have fun with this game and play it lots, if you are an animal lover then you will love this game.

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