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Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

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Above Average

Gotta like anime

posted by cb7tuner (MONTEBELLO, CA) Apr 6, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

The gameplay was fluid but repetitive. I am not a fan of anime so the story line did nothing for me. Because of this I could not enjoy the game since I did'nt care about the charachters. You have a limited amount of moves and even on hard mode the game was simple to play. If you like mech games and anime then this is the game for you other wise dont waste your time.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Taking it up a notch

posted by Rytiko (Estero, FL) Mar 5, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

The game only has you going for 7-8 hours, maybe less. Every second of it is fantastic, though. The new and improved game play perfectly fits the anime-style mech combat that the first game was obviously influenced by but failed to provide. The combat is amazing, pitting you against a minimum of 3-6 enemies at a time, ranging up to a massive battle of possibly a thousand or more. In fact, the challenge can be more than overwhelming at times, and you’re sure to screw up somewhere and get totally pwned by the countless number of AI frames or fleet of battleships. After all, the AI is more than respectable, adapting to your fighting style and getting slightly more challenging each and every time you fight them. However, this challenge is made much easier by the amazingly smooth controls fitting to the stature and speed-orientation of the Orbital Frames. You’ll be carrying out an action so gracefully sometimes you’ll wonder if you even pressed the button to do that.

Also improved are the graphics. Rather than the attempt to make computerized anime style cut scenes, they actually did it anime style. The in-game graphics are also more than respectable, mixing in that anime style with the sleek beauty of the robots. You feel exactly as you should – like you’re fighting in a giant robot anime. And despite the constant action, countless explosions, and hundreds of laser beams, missiles, and beam swords flying by and flailing around, it maintains a consistent and smooth frame rate.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner truly is everything a sequal should be. The game is an improvement of the original in every way imaginable, and if it weren’t so short I would recommend that you buy it. There is a versus mode and extra missions to be unlocked, so you’ll still be playing long after you clear the single player campaign if you have friends to play the game with or if you just get a kick out of blowing some more stuff up. You can also replay the game with all your sub weapons.

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GF Rating


Traveling Beyond the Bounds

posted by Saviour (MANCHESTER, CT) Feb 14, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

When I say "Traveling Beyond the Bouncds" I mean this game took off, WAY past my expectations. First off, I played this game without playing the first (Thank god, if I played the original I may not have forced my way into the 2nd one). I loved the mix of Game media and anime media, the stroyline is simple and original (as far as I know, haven't too many mech animes).

Sadley though if your one of those people who power house through games, you'll find this game has a short storyline, of cdourse thats met with surprisngly difficult missions that require you to do things that are more challenging then it seems, from carrying machines across levels to defeating over 500 machines at once (yeah it's that big).

one of the things I found to be a big nuisence is that half of the boss characters you fight can't be hurt by physical attacks until you do something drastic, such as picking up specfic objects and throwing them at the correct time.

So to play this game you need to be good at hack n slashing and have good timing, otherwise you'll hear your pilot going "Aw C-R-A-P!" ALOT.

Beware though, if you find yourself eaisly distracted, during some of the cut scenes playing with your analog stick can mess with the angle and/or zoom of either your pilot's camera or your mechs Point of View, which I have found on numerous occassions to have distracted me from the storyline leaving me guessing as to what happened. The game starts out with highly difficult missions but once you get the hang of it, it's nothing to worry about, this game is good and worth a rent, I'm not surprised on how rare this game might seem, honestly I believe it deserved a "Greatest hits" version.

Until then, I'll enjoy what I remember, this game is worth a rent and if you can find it in a store for cheap, BUY IT.
Aw C-R-A-P! My review's over

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