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Very Good

Please don't think this game is a Shooter

posted by G1ovonn1 (ACWORTH, GA) Dec 7, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

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The game is based upon surviving an apocalyptic zombie virus. Don't expect to run around shooting zombies at your free will, or thinking the zombies are push overs. The name of the game is surviving at all cost, even if you must retreat. The Graphics aren't the best I've seen on a console, but aren't the worst, the story line is simple and expands as the player progresses.

What's different about this zombie game compared to the rest are the death sequences. Once the character you use dies, he/she is no longer playable and has become a zombie in the game. This can be a headache because all your weapon upgrades and items are with that particular zombie. Once You take control of a new survivor who continues the adventure, he she can retrieve all the gear back by killing the previous antagonist, which can be found in the spot where they died. This can be a pain simply because you may have died a great distance from the restarting point.

The Wiiu tablet controller makes for great fun. 45 percent of the action happens on the tablet controller. Things like, sight aiming, and gun scope aiming happens on the controller. also your inventory (backpack), radar, lock picking, and puzzle solving happens on the controller. The game lets you know when to view the controller too.

The atmosphere is dark, so dark it can become hard to see. Not to worry, you do have a flash light that covers a limited amount of visual space, but be careful light and loud sounds attract zombies. There are rats that run across the screen, and sounds that can make you jump. when those elements are combined with the eerie visuals and dark scenes of the game, it makes for a jumpy experience.

In my opinion, the game is your basic zombie survival horror, but spices it up with the wiiu controller interactions and re-spawning challenges. The controls may take some time to get used to, but doesn't hinder the experience. I give it

3.5 out five

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Unique but stagnant.

posted by bleblock (ROSEVILLE, CA) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

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Promising conecept with some lasting appeal. I enjoyed my first couple rounds only by ignoring low res textures and the horrid aiming system. This game is true to being a survival but many aspects can take you out of the experience if you're a core gamer.

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Best Zombie Survival in Years!

posted by Phatsnake (ASTORIA, NY) Dec 23, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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This is a game where the main character is a normal person, like you and me, plain looks, boring job, puts their pants on one leg at a time, who was fortunate enough to survive the zombie apocalypse in current day London until the opening cut-scene. Whether they make it all to the end or not is entirely up to you. This game has no concept of game over. You die? You lose your character, and all the items they were carrying. Then you start over as a new survivor where the old left left off, and if you're lucky you'll get to see meet the old player who has now turned into a zombie and kill them, or run into their corpse and get all your items back.

There are many times when you will be faced with 5-10 zombies, and you only have 1 bullet. Sometimes the solution isn't to shoot them or melee them. You can simply kite them, round them all up close to a gas cylinder, and BAM! They're all gone. This game really improves your kiting skills, you will be ready for games like CoD: Zombies after this. Other times you have no choice but to run, and completely avoid otherwise impossible encounters.

The game utilizes the Wii U Controller in an very practical way. The touch screen shows your map, with LOTS of information that you simply can't live without. You use it to scan places around you to uncover secrets and solve puzzles, and you also go through your inventory using the touch screen. May sound uncreative, but its very practical and in some areas of the game where the mini map stop working, you will realize how important it was.

The setting of the game doesn't leave much room for an epic background story because it takes place in current day, with normal people as protagonists. It is a very simple setting that could potentially take place right now where you live. The game does however have an interesting chain of events going on and gives you a sense of progression. If you're really big on the story then you'll have to go through these audio/text but don't expect muc

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