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The"critic" review is lame-duck

posted by dgolightly519 (PRESTON, ID) Nov 26, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

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The critics have given this game some very bad reviews over the last several days, but the more I play this, the more I see how misunderstood it has been. This IS NOT a shooter. This game is within the genre that Silent Hill was before they started giving out loads of ammunition and focusing on repetitive story. It absolutely IS Horror/Survival.

Spot on and dark, as any zombie game should be. They are designed to keep you on your toes.

Dark and vague. You don't know the main character, but you do feel a sense of attachment as you scramble from relative safety to relative safety throughout the game, searching for a way to keep safe. You will quickly learn that there is no safe place. Your character changes each time you die. Their backstory is limited to a name and occupation. What their lives were no longer matters. The world has ended.

Moans and Groans... and strange creaks and buzzes of electrical wire... screams.... silence... it's all a bit much when played alone in the dark with the realization that to actually beat the game requires you to see them before they see you. You only live once, as it were.

Well thought out, well mapped, hectic, and hard to use. It is meant to be this way. Don't knock it just because you can't play. They work very well...nearly flawless.

There is a multiplayer that is currently offline only (that could change considering how Nintendo chose to do updates and such with this game.... things can be patched and added or taken away by devs with relative ease... but don't count on it... maybe in a sequel). That multiplayer will change how you look at multiplayer and you WILL experience hours of fun watching the survivor be destroyed. I found myself laughing preposterously, and annoyingly (to the survivor's dismay), every time the survivor died. On the other hand, surviving comes down to peripheral vision and tact... don't lose track of your surroundings, particularly behin

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Don't listen to reviews

posted by lotw01 (PALMDALE, CA) Dec 20, 2012

Member since Nov 2003

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Don't listen to the reviews from most websites and so-called professional reviewers.

This game is a slow paced survival zombie game, not a normal run-n-gun style that they wanted. It has plenty of atmosphere and you will be scared at times and will most likely die many, many times.

One bite and that character is turned, and if not playing on survival mode, will start with a new character with little supplies and ammo. You will have to fight your former self to get your stuff back.

This games deserves at least a rental from anyone who has a Wii U and wants to kill or try to survive a zombie appacolyse. After playing you will probably keep it.

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good game just not for me

posted by skeeter149 (LANCASTER, CA) Nov 23, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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i enjoyed my time with zombi u. it is dark, slow paced and i cant put enough emphasis on tense. constant fear of whats lurking around the corner. great use of the pad, graphics are not the best. just too slow and calculated for me. you have to think about every action because when the zombies come your in trouble. at least worth a rental if your not gonna buy.

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