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Avoid Buying

posted by Vernox (VIRGINIA, MN) Sep 20, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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Now like many other people who watch anime I had some high hopes for this game. I mean who doesn't want to run around in a customizable zoid? Well if you do this is not the game for you.

I started off and found the first 2 stages pretty easy, but the 3rd stage was significantly harder and I was very unprepared for it. Even with my extensive gameplay in games of this sort. Having to replay it a few time just to get a few exp points and have my troops retreat.

I felt a little darted seeing that you can't do much for customizing other then then skills, weapons, armor, and some skins for color options.

Also the cut scenes are horrible and have very little action other then hearing people talking.

The story is where is holds a spark of hope though, I enjoyed what I have managed to get through so far, and although I can't play this game a little more then an hour at a time, I would like to finish this story.

Atlus has made some pretty horrendous games as of late and needs to stop ruining good ideas. I would not buy this game and would suggest you rent it first.

Overall I gave the game a 3/10.

I hope this review helped some of you.

Later Dayz,


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Above Average

Almost had a chance.

posted by badalien (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) Sep 12, 2008

Member since May 2007

33 out of 37 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

The game had potential but there were a few things wrong with it. There were not enough zoids, the customization from weapons to armor was very limited. The story sounded interesting but was told in a dull fashion. The actual game play was why I gave it a decent rating.

The game play and strategy were entertaining although the enemy AI was lacking. The worst part was that there were no branching missions. There was only a story and you had to play straight through. If you got stuck on a level you would have to play it over and over to accumulate exp and parts.

This game is not worth purchasing and is only worth renting if you want to play a mech/strategy game. If Atlus had put more time into the game could have been fantastic but unfortunately that just wasn't the case.

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Very Good

Game not what you expect

posted by Halfhoot (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Oct 19, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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I think the main problem people have with this game is that it doesn't match expectations. You see Zoids Assault and think it will be aimed toward possibly a younger audience and have very customizable Zoid machines. I was expecting a fairly easy, story-light tactics game I probably would only passingly like.

Well it's nothing like what you would expect. The story is very good, but not at all directed toward what you would think of as its' appropriate audience. Kinda dark. There is very little customization in your units and you have the same units throughout the game. Also the game is not easy by any means. Not impossible, but not easy.

That said I loved it. One of the best tactical games in a while if you can look past all the "this isn't zoids" and all that jazz. No, there's no customization, but the tactics you have to use to get through the game make it a great challenge requiring some real thought as to how to get through certain missions. All the tactics in this game are positional rather than equipment or job-based like they are in a lot of tactics... still the positional tactics you have to use really challenge you. You have to actually use good... tactics!! ;)

I like the story. True it doesn't have fancy moving cutscenes and great graphics... but it has one of the most involved stories of any tactics games I have played. Not the greatest story, but there is a real story there and it isn't bad.

Very little re-playability though. Basically if you want a really challenging tactics game that requires thought... give it a go. If you don't like tactics games, don't bother. And don't bother if you're just buying it because of the Zoids name. This game is only for tactics fans.

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