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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward


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A fantastic game with a lot of depth.

posted by steventylerk (ROSWELL, NM) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This has to be one of the most creative games I've played on any platform. You play as Sigma, a guy who has been abducted from his college campus and later wakes up to find himself trapped in a suspicious elevator with a girl named Phi. This is where the first puzzle begins...a prompt shows up on screen urging you to "Seek a way out" or "escape" hence the name. After escaping the elevator you emerge in a large wherehouse where other abuctees are seeeking answers as well. You are then informed by a talkling AI rabbit that you all have been brought to this place to take part in the "Nonary game, ambidex edition" and it's all very mysterious and strange at first. Without getting into spoilers basically how the game works is two people (a pair) are partnered with another person (a solo) and go through these doors into rooms where they become trapped and have to seek a way out. A elaborate puzzle ensues and after everyone finds the solution and is able to return to the wherehouse on the other side the pair of people has to then play another game against the solo person they just solved the previous puzzle with. In this game players have to choose whether to "ally" or "betray" their puzzle partners. If a pair and solo both choose to "ally" they all gain 2 pts or "bp" which is short for bracelet points which makes sense as everyone's points are displayed on watch like braclets they all woke with on thier wrists. If one pair or solo betrays the other when they picked "ally", the betraying person or persons gain 3 pts while the allying person or persons lose 2 pts. Now if both the pair and solos pick "betray" neither gain nor lose any points at all. When someone or everyone gets to 9 pts they are free to leave. Everyone starts with 3 pts by default. This makes for tons of drama and descisions to be made. This is a incredibly original game and is extremely well written and voice acted. It is HEAVILY story based. Anyone interested in something different should check this out.

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Wasn't Sure At First

posted by eluziv (HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

I started playing ZEVLR and was not too excited about the gameplay or how uninvolved I was. The puzzles were fun and the many different outcomes were neat, shedding more and more of the story. Then you get to the point where you need to continue down these paths to find the truth..not get 100% game completion. I was pulled into the game and couldn't get out until I knew everything! The puzzles became more and more difficult but at the same time you became used to how they were designed and were able to figure them out still. More of the story begins to unravel until you have just one ending, the true ending.

One of the few games that getting the real ending doesn't require you to replay the game 10 times on different difficulties and I enjoyed that part about the game.

Just note I put in 45 hours into this game to get the real ending.

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Wonderful Story; Personal GOTY for 2012

posted by buzzkill21 (EDISON, NJ) Feb 12, 2013

Member since Jun 2008

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is simply one of the best Vita Games available to owners at the moment, regardless fo whether or not you consider it an actual game.

You play as Sigma, an awkward college kid who finds himself waking up in a mysterious elevator. You soon find out that you have been "volunteered" to take part in "The Nonary Game". Escape is possible, but it depends on your ability to trust the 8 Strangers you are trapped with, and their trust in you. If everyone cooperates, things should go fine, but misplace your trust, and the consequenses could be dire...

The story unfolds by unspoilering many of the informational pieces scattered across different timelines, which can be reached by making different choices as you go throughout the game.

"So is this like Mass Effect where every other sentance is a shot at good or bad Karma?"

Not exactly; You will need to change choices to fully unlock the story. The concept of timeline-travel sounds strange and confusing (earlier on, it is), but you slowly start to realise the greater purpose behind this, and the result is one of the greatest stories to be told in 2012, and dare I say, gaming in general.

Gameplay consists of escaping rooms. There are over 15 Puzzle Rooms to escape, each with their own theme and each one adding to the suspense, at their mysterious purposes. It's far outweighed by the narrative sections, thus many classify this not as a game but as a visual novel, but it does make for a fun time and fits the scene nicely.

Character development is unprecidented; You will almost defnitely feel a connection with at least one character by endgame.

Graphics consist of a 3D Modeled world and characters. Characters look nice, world looks nice, and the art style is nice. Nothing spectacular, but far from terrible.

Problems - Redundancy with the universal story narrative and the unskippable map transition sequences. Otherwise, get this game so you can await the sequel in painul agony

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