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Very Good

Finally a truly inventive, solid 3rd party title

posted by TuxBobble (EDISON, NJ) Nov 14, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

This is probably one of the best (meaning highest quality) Wii games to date. Its most recent competition (Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero 3) might unfortunately overshadow it, however, which is quite unfortunate.

The game's style, which it does not by any means lack, clearly presents a children's storyline. Simple anime-styled cutscenes illustrate the light plotlines. For children, that's probably fine. My demographic (20 year old male) probably won't be too entertained, but that's not what the game's about anyway. The visuals are bright and crisp, though, which I can appreciate. The audio is also appropriate, since you'll be spending some time in each stage it doesn't overpower you while you're playing.

Thankfully, the gameplay is good enough to ignore most of the things an adult wouldn't overlook. The game uses an interesting style to present puzzles which range from very easy to frustratingly difficult. Children may have a tough time with some of them, as even I had to take some time for the more advanced environments. A built-in hint system will be a great help for many--you can purchase hints with money you find throughout the game, and use them at any time to figure out a good next objective.

Ultimately, the game is very fun. It is probably the best third-party innovation on the Wii console. The only drawbacks are that sometimes, even if you're on the right track, you might wind up being frustrated. For example, at one point you're required to shake your bell (a typical action) at a character to transform him into something else, while the character is moving. However, getting too close will get you knocked over. I attemped to transform him from too great a distance and wound up wasting hints finding out what I already thought I knew.

Rent it as an adult. For children it's almost a must-buy, especially if someone will be around to help guide them a bit--you might even have some fun while doing so!

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GF Rating


Great, Especially if you like Puzzles!

posted by BigTung (Austin, TX) Nov 11, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2005

Although this is not my type of game, I still give this game a good rating, that's how good it is. I honestly just don't like puzzle solving, but event his game makes it fun!

- Fantastic (and I mean fantastic) art style and cel shaded graphics
- Very good use of wii-gestures without feeling tacked on
- Keeps you wanting to go back and redo puzzles to get a better score
- Early levels are easier for casual players, later levels are challenging for hardcore gamers

- If you're not the high score chaser type of gamer, then there's not much replay value after you're all done
- If you don't like puzzles, you probably won't like this type of game, it's got more puzzle solving than the older type of mouse point and click games (monkey's island, space quest, etc.), those were more adventurous (in my opinion), and less puzzling.

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GF Rating


cool game but....

posted by brockly (MODESTO, CA) Nov 10, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

man i love this game get you thinking. what do i need to do here.. what will make that guy go away.. if you have kids you should rent this one. and maybe ask then for help when you play. it a good game that's a lot of fun..

HOW TO RUIN THIS GAME!!!! go on line to look at a walk threw.. ask a someone that played it what do i do here...

REMEMBER:!!!!! when your finish this game. you cant play it again ( well you can) but you know how to do it. and its not going to be fun...

that's why i had to give it a 9 then a 10 replay is dead..

but have to tell you its a good puzzle game and it will get your mind thinking and will make you mad in some places..

its a game you want to Rent.

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