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Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament


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Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament

GamePlay: Each fighter has unique special attacks such as Slides, Elbow Strikes, Hammers, and Headbutts. You can access a character's complete Move List by pressing the Start Button while playing as that character. Spirit Moves are special energy moves that require a specific amount of Spirit Energy to cast.

Directional Buttons Move Hightlight
X Button Accept
Triangle Button Back
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Hightlight

Directional Buttons Left/Right = Move Forward/Backward. Down + X Button = Crouch. Up + X Button = Jump. Move Away From Opponent + Circle Button = Spin Kick. Move Away From Oppoent + Circle Button While Crouched = Sweep Kick.
X Button Block
Triangle Button Punch. Press While Crouched for Uppercut. Attack While in the Air. Triangle Button + Circle Button = Throw.
Square Button Jab. Press While Airborne for Jump Attack.
Circle Button Kick. Attack While in the Air.
Start Button Pause
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Left/Right = Move Forward/Backward.
R3 Button Switch Fighter in Tag Team Match