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Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Auto Win

If you go to wi-fi connection and get on the leader board on world and top then there should be a guy named Seth or something like that. He has a ranking around 65494 or something then download him to your ghosts. He has only 5 cards and they are the pieces of Exodia. You can't beat him so don't try, but if you put him as a tag partner then you will always win. Just go through the tag tournament a lot and win and that will get you allot of DP.

Merry Christmas!!

On Nintendo Wi-Fi go to the leaderboard and select Merry Christmas and download him as a ghost log off of Wi-Fi and battle him and you will be getting about 12,000 DP! You win automatically b/c he only has 1 card! If you don't see him download the top rank guy he is a little hard, but he gives you about 13,000 too. He has Forbidden cards though, so he can be a little tough for beginners.

How to get the password at the shop working.

Well, to get the password thing to work you need at least one of the card if you want a duplicate of it. Also, make sure you have enough money it may cost a lot.

How to Finish "Civilization World"

The Civilization World is a little tricky. This is the only World that requires you to go to a diffrent world to move on. First you have to talk to Ojama Black in World 1(Grace). He will talk to you, but he won't duel you then go to World 2(Sunlight) and go into the pyramid. There, you have to Duel Ojama Green it doesn't matter if you beat him or not. After the duel go to World 3(Civilization) and help Ojama Yellow from Blowback Dragon. After Kozaky, a scientist, will ask you to help him, finish his tasks then World 4(Darkness) is open World 4 is a tag team world.