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Yu-Gi-Oh! Spirit Caller

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A school for Cards

posted by Pizzalogic (DAVIE, FL) Apr 15, 2007

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Let me get down to the basics. If you like the card game you'll like this. If you don't you might not.

Presentation: You join the academy, much like the show. Your even given exams. How the game works: YOu duel other students around the island to progress in story and Lvl. You move your cursor on the map of the island with your stylus. This is how you find duelests. You Duel a countless number of times, each time gaining Exp points for Lvl and DP (money) which is used to buy cards.

Basic Idea: Duel to gain Lvl and Money to buy cards to fight stronger Duelests. Its repepetive But FUN!

For those who play Yugioh: You'll find your self flying thru the begining. But soon you'll be dueling your way thru the story getting involved and taking on Oponents of all sorts. PLUS Online play gives you more then u can ask for

For those who DONT play Yugioh: The game does include instructions on how to play. Its alot of reading but you can learn thru this game. If you dont plan on learning how to play thru alot of reading. DONT START WITH THIS GAME.

Down Sides: You cant import any cards from GBA Yugioh titles. And the online Ranking system puts you against Players that arent your Rank.

Conclusion: For those who have played Yugioh, Its a dream come true. For those who havn't rent first!

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i am not going to lie

posted by krazyasian (GRABILL, IN) Feb 9, 2007

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This game is kind a tricky one. to start off with i liked the arrangement of charters they had and the many amount of new card they brought in. what i did not like is the fact that they really did not tell you where to go and you kind of get lost and is was kind of confusing. but i give this game a 7 because it is a good game once you get the hang of it.

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Spirit Caller Review

posted by Ssx3000 (ATHENS, GA) Mar 27, 2007

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I had the chance to play previous games Dawn of the Duel® and Online Evolution®, however Yu-Gi-Oh! GX™ Spirit Caller® is a game all by itself. Unfortunately, this game does not live up to its hype. The leveling process is nice and I like that you can play against other people online, however did we really need to play this game when the World Championships 2007® was around the corner? The main characters from the show are here, with their own signature decks. You will spend a lot of time offline dueling them and buying cards from the card shop. Even dueling experts will feel the sting of the game at the beginning. When you get a lot of practice under your belt, the game will start to go your way. So why you ask the low score? With WC2007 available, there is no real reason to pick up this game unless you want to add stuff from the game to WC2007. Otherwise, unless you are a die-hard fan of the show, this one is a pass.

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