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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy

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Very Good

It's Time To Get Your Game On

posted by Zaiah17 (Kailua Kona, HI) May 17, 2006

Member since Jul 2003

17 out of 20 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

Wat up everyone. Well i guess im first reviewer of this game. I have always liked Yu-Gi-Oh when it first came out it was goin big but as i got older i stopped playing and collecting the cards but for some reason everytime there is a new GBA Yu-Gi-Oh game i cant resist playing it. Well anyways onto the review.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX is about a new student(YOU)who gets to go to duel academy and enroll into the school and your goal is to claim the tittle of "King Of Games" which is a tittle many students in the school want but only one can have. This game includes 1,200 cards to duel with but there are at least probably 7-10 cards that are restricted. But for me i enjoyed playing this game because it gave a really good sense of making you feel like you were actually interacting with the characters and also how progression through the game worked. Like for example you would start off in a low class grade with Slifer Red but in order to move onto to a higher class grade, or you could say dorm, you must pass the tests that are given to you once a month. And the best thing is that when you pass a test and get to choose to go to another dorm you not only move into that dorm but once you get there you are given a chance to duel more people.

So to me the only bad thing about this game is that it might not contain some cards that you have used in previous Yu-Gi-Oh games, for example like The A. Force or Winged Dragon Fortress #2. Well anyway i would say that this is theonly bad thing about this game. So for you Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there i reccommend buying or even renting this game. Well till the next review. PAYCE!!!

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A very difficult game for beginners to Yu-Gi-Oh!

posted by FlipsiDe (HONOLULU, HI) May 28, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

12 out of 16 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I Thought this game was one of the better Yu-Gi-Oh games! I tried Duelist of Roses and that game was hellah hard. I couldn't even beat the first duelist. Unlike this game i beat 10 duelists till i gave up because some duelists like Jaiden are extremely hard and no beginner could beat him. On the other hand Sy man he was easy i beat him about 10 times!!

The Roses of this game would be: 1) The graphics are better than most
Gameboy games. 2) The cards were awesome 3) The Story was good.

][][][][][][][][][][][][]- [][][][][][][][][][][][][- ][][][][][][][][][][][][]- [][]][][][][][][]][][][][- ][][][][][][][][][][][][]- [][][][][]

The Weeds of this game were: 1) The places were to boring because they never change theres always the same people. 2) The Exams were too hard!! 3) Jaiden is too hard. 4) The time schelue is really stupid!!

[][][][][][][][][][][][][- ][][][][][][][][][][][][]- [][][][][][][][][][][][][- ][][]][][][][][][]][][][]- [][][][][][][][][][][][][- ][][][][][]

Overall I thought this game was hard though, but not as hard as Duelist of Roses. If your a beginner i would warn you not to buy this game rent it first! ;] !

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the worst Yu-gi-oh game ever!!!!!!

posted by supernerd (YELLOW SPRINGS, OH) Jul 17, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

1 out of 10 gamers (10%) found this review helpful

I think this game could be a lot better without the stupid music and the way the playing feild looks when you duel. What gets on my nearvs is that the game says main phase, draw phase, standby phase, its really annoying. The cool part about the game is the day night feature and the fact that you can scedule dules with other people like jaden. For yu-gi-oh fans i recamend not to rent or buy this game.


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