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As an out of shape 40-something, I LOVED it!

posted by gamermom2112 (WEST BEND, WI) Nov 19, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

To be honest, the reviews, descriptions of this video were very intimidating to me-people saying how much they could push their already daily exercise routine to the MAX. Well, although I used to run cross country, do aerobics and weight training (ran 5 miles daily or exercised while watching tv just because I liked to), it's sadly now been at least 25 years of me telling myself, "I'm in such great shape and it's so easy for me, I'll have NO problem getting it back" along 15 years of a desk job.

What was very nice was that I had a wide selection of "games" (hehe, better to think of it that way than "exercise") a variety of "moods/settings " from bollywood to hip hop, pliates, yoga to just basic exercises. My son dared me to try "Hip Hop" and I did-the movements were fun and very easy with helpful onscreen gestures showing the movement (no "BZZ! You didn't do it right. Let's try again") You can chose which area of your body or goals you have, like most games-"energy, weight loss, cardio, balance (coordination) stress reduction, etc). When you are physically able to complete a certain level, another becomes available, but even if you can't, you're rewarded (no "Fail" stamp). Plus, the next levels are usually just a slightly higher level of endurance-not a huge fall of the cliff kind of thing.

There are warm-up exercises, as in one where your are in a room of balloons and need to swing your arms long enough and hard enough to keep the balloons in the air, or swing a hula hoop. With the Kinect, your movements are tracked and you can see onscreen how you should be moving/holding your body which is a HUGE advantage over the Wii Fit; your onscreen you is given a guideline shadow outline of where your body is and where it should be. It was so fun, I kept the game for almost a month and "played" it regularly-it didn't seem like work or the dreaded "E" word. I will buy this definitely. And, if you're at all like me, I'd recommend at least trying it.

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posted by durentis (SACRAMENTO, CA) Sep 9, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

I'm not a beginner to working out, but not a professional. I really enjoy this version of YourShape because it incorporates a good variety for you to work with. The sensor works pretty alright. The plan is a joke, I just kind of ignore it and do what I think is working me out the best. I think it would benefit with a bit more classes. There are only two sections of Thai Chi, and only one of Yoga. If anything, those two sections need serious updates. I would also like to see a bit more of a variety when it comes to the classes as well. The warmups are a fun way to suck you in, even if you REALLY don't feel like working out. This, by far, is the most effective fitness game out there at the moment. (:

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Why so highly rated?

posted by Captiosus77 (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Aug 15, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

I honestly cannot understand why this game - although it's more appropriate to call it a tool or routine - is rated so highly. After several days of working out with it, I've come to several realizations:

1. Even at advanced level the activities it has you do are EXTREMELY basic and could be done without any software whatsoever. The software, therefore, only acts as a tracking device and a preprogrammed physical trainer. Not really worth the cost when you could buy lightweight fitness materials and do it yourself.

2. When trying to do a specific workout group, you spend more time listening or waiting than you do actually working out. Do a series of 4 reps, listen to the "trainer" drone on, repeat. This downtime is far too extensive especially in cardio and toning groups.

3. The only "feedback" the game gives is the preprogrammed trainer who will always tell you that you're doing good (even if you're not) and a progress meter in the upper right. You can do every exercise completely wrong, score 0% for an entire set, and still be marked as "complete". As any real world trainer will tell you, doing exercises wrong is worse than not exercising at all!

4. Kinect tracking - still sucks. I've spent more time fighting Kinect's poor tracking (and yes, my Kinect has adequate distance and lighting) than I have actually being able to work out. This is ESPECIALLY true for activities which require being low or on the floor, such as situps, push ups, or squats. There's nothing more frustrating than having the game stop "seeing you" mid way through a set of crunches, pause, and then keep calling you asking where you've gone.

All in all, I can't see why this game is so highly rated. A simple journal and some hardware and anyone can do everything in here, cheaper, and more effectively without the nuisance of a scripted trainer or Kinect's shoddy performance.

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