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GF Rating

Really Bad

Great for 2002!

posted by Brash_Attack (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jan 4, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

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I went in assuming this game would be disappointing but I wasn't expecting it to be this bad. It almost felt and looked like it was ported directly from the Nintendo DS version.

The combat controls were clunky and slow. While there were "combos" by switching between heavy and light attacks, they almost seemed to hinder your fight more than aid it. The best method to play is just by slamming the X button (360) and read a book. While every character had super power, the game could be won without ever using a single one. And while each character had their own "unique" power, they were all just different ways of doing the same thing (power up, single ranged attack, multi-ranged attack and surrounding area attack).

If it weren't for the Teen rating, I would have assumed this game was targeted toward an elementary school audience. The game was too simplistic to fail. Every mission was so linear, you couldn't have taken a wrong turn if you tried. To top it off, there was no punishment for dying. If one of your teammates are to fall, you just have another tussle their hair to help them back up without losing any momentum.

Above all else, the game didn't seem to have any love. Simple things like enemies climbing through walls, only having 6ish different kinds of bad guys, characters' shadows floating on walls while walking across a bridge, rescuing hostages only to have them disappear into thin-air the second you save them. These things could have all been fixed, but they weren't.

Releasing this game for anything more than a $15 download is an insult. I rented this purely for my love of the DC Comic universe but couldn't see passed the shotty, unpolished excuse of a game. This very well could have been a Marvel's Ultimate Alliance type game, but it fell miles short.

tl;dr This feels like the developers just released this without any real effort or pride. For a game that fans hoped would reboot the cancelled TV show, Legacy was a grave upset.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

I couldn't get more than 10 minutes in...

posted by jaemonkee (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Nov 26, 2013

Member since May 2012

The timing of mouth movements of the characters didn't always match very well when speaking. The gameplay itself was boring. I really enjoyed the show and hoped for a decent game but this was more of a fan dis-service than anything else.

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GF Rating


One of the worst games I have ever played

posted by dysartjoshua (LANCASTER, OH) Aug 20, 2014

Member since May 2014

There is very little good about this game and I think the only good thing about this game is the concept and then one play artwork like the pictures of the characters when you are picking them to be on your team. The rest of the game is horrible the story is Junk the in game graphics the choppy game play the difficulty to get new characters and the horrible cinematics before and after a level I was so disappointed in this game as soon as I seen it in the games for rent I put it straight into the number one spot on my Q and it was the biggest disappointment so far and I have got a lot of games from gamefly for the X-Box and by far this has been the worst so if you are thinking about getting this game dont waste the time it takes to get to you in the mail because you will be disappointed bad.

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