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Lackluster solo, but shines is small groups.

posted by Jeremy1985 (HARRAH, OK) Mar 31, 2011

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The gameplay is very simple to learn. Most questions are simple knowledge based questions, but there are some that require reflexes as well.

Excellent writing keeps it entertaining throughout. Even when the question has you stumped, the host keeps it interesting with constant insults for wrong answers and funny comments when asking questions and explaining answers.

When playing solo the game can lose its appeal. This game is best when playing against live competition. There are nearly 100 different episodes to play which allows for hours of new and challenging questions before having to replay the same questions.

My only downside is that lack in variety of questions. Most questions are simple word problems, but every game includes a Dis or Dat round, which gives you a 50/50 chance, and the game ends with a Jack Attack testing your reflexes. Also I would have liked to have had more weapons at your disposal to change up the gameplay. For instance, during multiplayer, a player can use a "screw" to force another player to answer a question. This keeps the game interesting and keeps players on their toes.

All around it was definitely worth the rent and is recommended for small parties.

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They Do Know Jack About Trivia

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 17, 2011

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Back in the 1990’s on the PC, a game show of a different type appeared. Instead of focusing just on trivia, the writers of You Don’t Know Jack put humor in as well.
It was a smash hit, spawning several versions - including a Sports version, a Movie version as well as a TV version. It also briefly appeared on TV, but that was badly mishandled.
Well, the game show game has appeared on the consoles, and it’s just as witty and sharp as it was back in the PC days.
This version of You Don’t Know Jack has 73 episodes, each with 10 multiple choice questions and a final round called the Jack Attack. All but 10 are locked, and to unlock a locked episode, you have to play an unlocked one - that you haven’t played before. I would’ve like to see all 73 unlocked from the start.
And just like in the PC days, this game isn’t much fun playing solo (and you do play it by yourself, there’s no AI contestants.) With other human players, you can also force your opponent to answer a really tough question once a game, which puts some strategy in play.
Still, the best part of the game is the clever use of humor in the writing of the questions and answers (even if sometimes it’s childish). No other game I know gets laughs out of me if I pick a wrong answer.
But it’s not perfect: I didn’t like the newly added sponsored Wrong Answer of the Game - it adds a layer of complexity that the game can do without.
If you’re looking for a break from the average quiz show game, then You Don’t Know Jack is a surefire winner. I say it’s definitely worth a rent, and fans of the PC versions of the game should just buy it.

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posted by TobiNBarry (POINT MARION, PA) Feb 15, 2011

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It's a challenging and fun game but the guy that talks for 10minutes in between questions you can't skip and it is very lame. 4/10

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