Rent Yoshi Touch & Go for DS
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Yoshi Touch & Go

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Gameplay Controls

Yoshi Touch & Go

GamePlay: All in-game action is performed using the stylus and the Touch Screen. Refer to the in-game demo prior to playing the game for the first time. Touch the Demo icon on the Main Menu to watch a gameplay demonstration.

Mic Blow Away All the Clouds You've Drawn By Blowing Into the Microphone
Touch Screen Draw Clouds to Create Paths and Keep Enemies Away. Draw Cloud Circles to Create Bubbles. Enclose Enemies in Bubbles to Turn Them Into Coins. To Throw Bubbles, Touch Them With Stylus, Then Lift Stylus From Screen. Touch Yoshi to Jump. Touch Screen to Throw Egg.
Start/Pause Pause. Access Pause Menu.