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Think of it as a puzzle game

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Aug 15, 2006

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If you're expecting a new Yoshi game on the lines of "Yoshi's Island", you're going to be very sad with this game. I think that's what a lot of people reacted to.

A better way to think of this game is as a puzzle game. Yeah, seems strange, but it works a lot better than thinking of it as an adventure title. Instead of going from level to level like you would in a traditional Yoshi adventure, this game is just one level that you keep doing over and over. (Well, there's one level for each game mode, plus a mode that randomly combines chunks to make a quasi-unique level.) But the point is, there's no story here. There's not even a change of scenery. You just do the same thing over and over to get better scores.

And the thing is, it's fun. The core mechanics of the game are fun. But the lack of unique levels, storylines, or changing art do sort of grate on you, because you know it could have been something epic. In fact, they would probably have been better off using a new character, so that people weren't expecting a different game.

If you can get past that, there's some fast and furious stylus gameplay here. For my money, the stylus control scheme is much better than Kirby's similar stylus-based game. (Kirby, though, has a storyline and lots of changes of scenery and yadda yadda.)

If you think of it as a casual renter, it's not bad. I found myself playing for a good eight or nine hours, on and off, before I got bored. If you're expecting something more meaty, you'll be disappointed.

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Great For Puzzle Gamers

posted by protium7 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Dec 31, 2006

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I can see why people wouldn't like this game if they are expecting exciting plot.

However, as an avid puzzle gamer, I absolutely LOVE this game and I have played it for hours and hours on end. The fact that there are different modes is great. Marathon and Challenge offer the most replay value.

Admittedly, my biggest complaint with the game is that you can't "beat" it, per say, only unlock an extra silly minigame. However, you can't "beat" classic puzzle games like Dr. Mario or Tetris, and once I realized that I wasn't working toward any endgame goal, but rather competing against myself, the game took on a new style for me and I continue to enjoy it many months after first starting to play it.

In short, it's a lot of fun! Just don't buy it if you want a storyline. :)

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Awful...... Horrible............. WORST YOSHI EVER

posted by GamerBoy (METAMORA, MI) Apr 14, 2006

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I can't believe how bad Yoshi games are getting now adays. Yoshi Topsy-Turvy was a blow, and Yoshi Touch and Go is horrible. The following is all that needs to be said.

Story Mode: NO

Campaign Mode: NO

Levels: 2 differet levels

Gameplay: Is not really that good

Point: No in depth story, no
variety of levels, so-
so gameplay = Pitiful

Do NOT Buy! It would be bad to rent! Instead, try:


Stylus Gameplay: YES

Story: YES

Levels: 8 Very Complex Worlds

Gameplay: Really fun

Point: The alternative to Yoshi
Touch and GO. Get it!

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